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EB-5 Regional Center Director Posted Aug 29, 2016
TGG , Saint Louis, MO
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EB - 5 Business Director

The Glennon Group - Saint Louis, MO


1.Serving as an approved USCIS EB-5 Regional Center to facilitate foreign direct investment in the St. Louis, Missouri region; and
1.Creating increased permanent employment within the City of St. Louis, Missouri and the Missouri Counties of St. Louis and St. Charles by promoting and sponsoring the creation of sustainable business projects.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

•Under direction of the executive director, manage day-to-day operations of the regional center, including financial reporting, budget preparation, USCIS reporting, project and investor communications, marketing, and activities with GMIC consultants and counsel.

•Manage investment project prospecting, including identifying potential projects and collecting and analyzing detailed business plans, economic reports, marketing plans and other documents as required for due diligence committee and GMIC board review.

•Commission and manage the work of industry experts, attorneys and consultants, as needed, to analyze and process regional center projects for foreign investment.

•Serve as a key liaison between GMIC, service professionals and sponsored regional center projects; including the coordination of Regional Center hosting agreements, investment offerings, loan documents, project structuring etc.

•Develop referral sources for potential investments and projects by conducting market research, liaising the with local economic development partners, and attending EB-5 related events.

•Provide staff support for GMIC executive director, board of directors, and committees, which includes compiling and presenting board packets. Gather, interpret and prepare data for committee studies, reports and recommendations. Inform and support GMIC board of directors with relevant EB-5 industry information.

•Develop and help execute new strategies/services for company investor relations development.

•Work with fund managers to provide progress reports for investors, CEO and principals.

•Respond to investor inquiries about GMIC projects.

•Maintain updated knowledge of USCIS policy and EB-5 industry practices.

•Present the work of the regional center to outside groups, organizations and meetings and conferences.

•Organize and implement special GMIC programs such as EB-5 seminars and international marketing trips (including to China and other countries as necessary) and make arrangements through program completion and necessary follow-up.

•Educate developers and other project referral sources about the EB-5 program; manage and improve project selection process; manager relationship between GMIC and EB-5 projects.

•Lead, coach, develop and retain regional center interns and other staff as needed.

•Ensure systems to track regional center project rollouts and impact and regularly evaluate project investment and job creation so as to measure successes that can be effectively communicated.